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Certis CISCO’s Safe Deposit Box offers services to best protect and secure your valuables.

Certis CISCO offers three conveniently located facilities with over 52,000 safe deposit boxes and a choice of five sizes to suit your needs. With the longest operating hours in the industry, of up to 14 hours everyday, you can access your boxes at your convenience. Every facility is also secured with security measures of the highest standards.

The secure storage of your valuables at Certis CISCO is manned and guarded round-the-clock, providing total security and giving you peace of mind. You can rest assured that your items will be safely secured with Certis CISCO.

About Certis CISCO
A Member of Certis Group and wholly-owned by Temasek Holdings, it is the largest and most comprehensive security solutions provider in Singapore.

Certis CISCO offers a comprehensive range of security services from Auxiliary Police to a “one-stop solution” for a full range of manpower, technology and IT security services.
The Certis Group has also established footprints in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates(UAE) and Qatar.

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