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Kitchen Appliances

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Sona Rice Warmer 2.8L

Sona Rice Warmer 2.8L

Sona Mini Oven 10L

Sona Mini Oven 10L

17 Stainless Steel Apple Slices by ShopzyFrenzy

Stainless Steel Apple Slices by Shopz...

Special Price: SGD4.90

Regular Price: SGD5.90

41 Layer Cake Slicer by ShopzyFrenzy

Layer Cake Slicer by ShopzyFrenzy

Special Price: SGD9.90

Regular Price: SGD16.90

Egg Beater by ShopzyFrenzy

Egg Beater by ShopzyFrenzy

34 Cupcake Corer by ShopzyFrenzy

Cupcake Corer by ShopzyFrenzy

Special Price: SGD3.90

Regular Price: SGD5.90

26 SONA Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

SONA Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Special Price: SGD295.00

Regular Price: SGD399.00

15 SONA Multi-function Induction Cooker

SONA Multi-function Induction Cooker

Special Price: SGD50.90

Regular Price: SGD59.90

14 SONA 1.8L Rice Warmer

SONA 1.8L Rice Warmer

Special Price: SGD42.90

Regular Price: SGD49.90

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11 Sona Water Heater Black

Sona Water Heater Black

Special Price: SGD119.90

Regular Price: SGD135.00

90 Beyond Beauty 45-Min Cryo V Line Facial (U.P: $388)

Beyond Beauty 45-Min Cryo V Line Faci...

Special Price: SGD40.70

Regular Price: SGD388.00

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