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ELLAIM Hydrogen Water Maker 1.7L Antioxidant for Family use by Hydrogen Water & Beauty

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  • Ellaim Hydrogen Water Maker 1.7L

  • 0.3 to 0.9ppm dissolved hydrogen concentration

  • Generate within 3 mins or 5 mins 

  • Super Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-allergic 

  • Remove harmful ROS, Improve immune system

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Hydrogen is proven to generate the neutralization reaction combining with oxygen free radical, acting as an effective therapeutic antioxidant.
By drinking Hydrogen Water, it helps to improve your health and immune system by reacting with harmful ROS and change it to the safe water in our body and excretes as urine or sweat.

Ellaim is a new Hydrogen water maker generating dissolved hydrogen in water

- 1.7 Litres of large capacity for Family use!

- Average high dissolved hydrogen concentration, from 0.3ppm to 0.9ppm.

- Upgraded time control system to allow to choose 3 or 5 minutes operation time.

- Upgraded mineral cap with various minerals to remove Chlorine and odour

- Softer water taste

- Ease to use with one-touch

- Good absorption rate thanks to hexagonal-ring shape water molecule.

- Automatic cleaning system. Protect the electrodes by self-cleaning function(No precipitation on the electrode).

- Strong deodorization filter removes smells in water

- Only requires 12V. No worry for electric bills anymore!

- Environment-friendly material water bottle (same materials as baby bottle)

- Soft and smaller Water Cluster

- Patent & Certificied



How to use:

– Simple One Touch Button (Choose 3 mins or 5 mins, can press again afterwards)

– When pressing the button, the LED lighting turns on and hydrogen begins to form.

– As the water is electrically decomposed, you can see the hydrogen bubble coming up.

– Generates abundant dissolved hydrogen within three minutes:

 – Pour it out through the carbon filter and drink it

It is recommend to drink the Hydrogen Water immediately after being generated. As Hydrogen is easily evaporated, one should generate Hydrogen Water again after 1 hour, or keep it in an Aluminum bottle (could last for around 5 to 8 hours) to maintain the effect of Hydrogen water.

Benefits of drinking Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water is proven to have many benefits. But as a sensible consumer, you always want to know what you will get out of a breakthrough from it. To highlight some of the notable benefits that Hydrogen Water has:

  • Effective inner body Detoxification – rejuvenation starts from the inside and reflects in your outer appearance
  • Body temperature regulation – thus decreasing the possibilities of physical fatigue and heat loss with temperature imbalance
  • Better nutrient absorption by bodily cells – maximizing nutrients that come from the food you eat
  • Improved/regulated digestion and circulation – to keep your tummy happy and healthy
  • Maintained alertness for the mind – to have better focus and perception
  • Powerful Antioxidant & Anti-aging effect - against harmful oxidization to our body, reducing wrinkles and smoothing skin

We aim to go one step further from just providing people with clean water, through popularizing hydrogen water, which improves their health. Based on our belief that the work that began with a sense of calling bears the best outcome, we will do our best to supply great products with our accumulated technology, creative development ability, and sincere service.







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